Sound Healing with Alfred

Hello, my name is Alfred, and in the fall of 2006, I read the book, ‘The Secret’. This book changed my life and propelled me to become a seeker. I quit my job at the sawmill and began researching healing modalities.

The work of Louise Hay and Doctor Wayne Dyer helped me to work on my shadow self and limiting beliefs. The earth-based books from Ted Andrews also took me through this next three-year journey to get out and connect to the land.

My friend set up a sweat lodge where I met three medicine women teachers at a full moon ceremony that they held. This turned into a 21-month apprenticeship as a Fire Keeper. These women taught me to respect myself, others, and Mother Earth. Two years of training and research led me to choosing sound therapy as the modality that resonated with me the most. I decided to take an intensive sound therapy healing course by Pamela Shelley, and on my way to Kelowna, we drove through Salmon Arm. An energy ran through me from my crown chakra to the bottom of my spine, and I knew I would make Salmon Arm my home one day.

In 2018 I moved from my home of 57 yrs in Quensel, BC, to a community house in Calgary. We did monthly potlucks with musical bands and music festivals. I then started volunteering in 2020 at a Hempery in Revelstoke and Silver Creek. I was then guided to the Gypsy Moon Collective, where I feel so at home.

I am a lover of Mother Earth “Gloria” hiking, yoga, cooking, eating, music, writing, and offering Intuitive Sound sessions.

The client session consists of setting up a crystal grid around a massage table and setting up the sacred space. The client sets their intention, and I use Reiki energy and hands on healing for all the joints of the body. You will also receive a sound a bath with instruments such as Native drum shakers, rattles, and songs by Alfred.

Contact Alfred at 250.925.4447, or at

Alfred Trudeau

What to Expect

What to expect during a Sound Healing session:

  • The client is fully clothed during sessions.
  • Sacred space and a crystal grid is set up around the massage table.
  • The client sets their intention then a fusion of Reiki energy, and hands on healing are used for all the joints of the body.
  • The client will also Receive a Sound Bath with instruments such as Native drums shakers, rattles and Songs from Alfred.

Price List

Sound Healing Session
1 hour $90