Inner Alchemy

Hello Beautiful People, my name is Jasmine. I love broccoli, blueberries, and nature. Here on this beautiful Mother Gaia, I choose to embody my uniqueness and inner power.

I enjoy embracing my sovereign inner alchemy through my interests which include a lot of wonderful things like singing, song writing, guitar, dancing, tarot, reiki, meditation, yoga, blogging and vlogging, to name a few.

I joyfully offer Tarot-Reiki sessions. I’ve worked with Tarot for over 4 years. I am thankful I can infuse my love of Tarot and the guidance I receive from it, into my Reiki sessions.

My daily Mission Statement: “I am an Energy Alchemist through my psychic and sound abilities, igniting deep and loving transformations.”

Training and Certifications:

  • UMS Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences
  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate with Vibrant One Yoga
  • Reiki Second Degree completed with Wild Rose Reiki
  • 100 hr Meditation Teacher Training Certificate with Yogi Reanna Costa
  • CPI Certified Professional Cuddler CPI
  • Trusted Touch Practitioner Diploma

Contact Jasmine at 250.517.7373, or



Jasmine’s Tarot-Reiki is a unique one-hour experience. First, we’ll have a short visit where I share with you the cards I pulled just for you, which help guide the session. Via the cards I am given a present moment snapshot of what’s important for me to know regarding your body, mind, spirit, plus which chakra needs extra attention and what spirit animal desires to connect and support you during your session. Then, fully clothed, you will lay on a comfy massage table to receive relaxing Reiki. Reiki divinely and gently removes all disharmonic energies that you are ready to let go of.
60 min $60