Gypsy Moon Massage

This Gypsy Soul has planted her Roots!

Originally from Toronto, I left on a traveling adventure. I’ve lived in some beautiful places including the jungles and beaches of Costa Rica. I thought I might grow old in Costa Rica, until I experienced life in the Shuswap. After living in BC for a couple of years, I went back to Costa Rica, and leaving Beautiful British Columbia was the first time I ever felt homesick! It’s a horrible feeling that I never want to feel again, but it offered me great clarity. There is no doubt now that I am Home, here in the Shuswap.

As a Gypsy, having my own business was never on my radar. Massage was a great trade to travel with and always a part time passion of mine. Now that I have found the ground that I am Home in, I have the space and energy to put my focus on building a sustainable life here, fueled by something that I am passionate about.

I have come across many types of healers along the way. Always open to sharing, I learn that there are so many different ways to give, and everybody has their own unique gift to offer. This experience has allowed me to integrate different healing modalities into my offerings, creating my own unique version of massage. I offer a deep and relaxing massage, using lymphatic drainage techniques that I first learned in trade school in the year 2000. Most of the body will receive attention and love in this treatment, including the often overlooked joints like wrists, ankles and jaw. With deep strong hands and a soft intuitive touch, this massage offers a great balance that will allow your body to melt into the table and leave you floating on a cloud.

Experience the relaxation of Body, Mind and Soul.

Call or text me at 250.253.6135 or email me at

Caterina Stagliano


TThe growth of Gypsy Moon Collective has become a priority for me and so I have decided to take a break from my massage practice. You can now find me in reception acting as Creative Director with my trusty sidekick Vida. I look forward to growing with you and this Collective.