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The beautiful Lisa MacDonald has powerful gifts to offer at the Gypsy Moon Collective, and we couldn't be happier to have her part of this amazing tribe.

  • Tea Leaf Reading 1 hr session $ 55.00
  • Bio-Energetic Wellness Session 1 hr session $ 60.00
  • We are excited to now offer Tea Leaf and Oracle Card combination reading 1.5 hr session $ 95.00
  • Complimentary Mini “Sound Essence” spray balances

Are you ready for new and inspired ways of re- energizing and balancing your Mind, Body and Spirit?!

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness Coach/Counsellor and Intuitive Reader. My own healing journey began when I reached a point with my health that traditional medicines were no longer working for me. This led me to look at different alternative medicines/ therapies and I found myself intrigued with how one’s body can heal itself when given the opportunity, proper tools, and time to heal. With my own experiences, I found myself encouraged and guided to explore learning more about the Healing Arts. Opportunities started to present themselves to me, so I started to participate in a variety of workshops and courses within the Healing Arts.

I was in my early 30’s when I was drawn to explore my spiritual side and began reading Oracle Cards. I embraced my heritage of generations of intuitive ancestors. My Great Grandmother and Grandmother were known for their tea leaf readings and in July 2020, (8 years after my grandmother's passing) the tea set that she used to do her readings had reappeared after 50 years of being packed away. No one of my generation had seen that tea set until that fateful day, when it suddenly made its reappearance. I am blessed to have been given these gifts and to now use her tea set in my readings.

I offer various healing modalities: coaching, counseling, tea-leaf and oracle card readings, to assist you in achieving your goals and dreams. With the Bio-Energetic wellness session, I gently guide you in the process of identifying your goals, finding blockages within the meridians, as well as the emotions tied to those blockages. I then guide you through releasing those blockages. After these have been released you will experience greater joy, love and happiness within your Mind, Body and Spirit while moving forward with ease to live that life you truly want and desire!

Book a session online at gypsymooncollective.janeapp.com or contact me at 250.253.2347 via text or call.

Welcome to Gypsy Moon Collective

At Gypsy Moon Collective, we are a group of wholistic energy workers who have come together to celebrate and facilitate healing for each soul that comes to our practice.

Each unique session offered by our practitioners is meant to ground, harmonize and bring forth clarity.

We are honoured to assist you in your journey of health and wellbeing.

How it all Began

Meet the founders of Gypsy Moon Collective; Rose Dupont and Caterina Stagliano. Rose and Caterina both had visions of bringing a community of healers together in Salmon Arm, and the stars aligned to do just that in 2021.

Starting out as a barefoot backpacking traveller living in Costa Rica, Caterina spent two years developing an abundant massage practice in downtown Salmon Arm. She also subleased her space to Bodytalk and Reiki practitioners.

Rose began expanding her intuitive gifts in 2020, all while navigating her new world as a single mother of three children. As her ability to connect with Source for guidance and direction expanded, Rose moved into the office next door to Caterina, offering her intuitive Tarot card reading and intuitive services as The Witchatarian.

As their friendship grew, discussions of a larger, more collaborative space took place. They began to look at offices for lease, originally seeking room for four practitioners. Several options came up, but when they walked into the current building on the corner of Lakeshore Drive and Shuswap Street, an even bigger vision came to life.

Despite the old carpet and chipped paint, the nine offices, lounge, and space for workshops and wellness gatherings, just felt ‘right’. Listening to their inner knowing, they recognized that the Collective was meant to be bigger than they initially imagined. Other healers quickly began to materialize and join in their mission.

With ease and excitement, they began structuring the foundation of the Collective and inspiring abundance for all involved. Trusting in the universe, repeated confirmations and a clear path solidified their vision.

As renos began, people continued to show up, giving their time and support, swept up in the beautiful healing space already forming. Gypsy Moon Collective has become a catalyst for something that was already present in people’s body, mind, and soul.

The Collective is a space for all humans to connect with their own heart and the hearts of others. There is no separation between us, and the Collective embraces each person wherever they are in their journey. Supported in love and abundance, your own magic is nurtured here. We sit in awe and anticipation of the great things unfolding as we expand ‘the light’ upon our city.

With much love and gratitude,

Caterina and Rose